Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roads to Trails

Eek - the creek!
"Eek - The Creek! What happened to our trail?" ask an astonished Max & Zorro.

We have had just enough snow the last two days to make the upper section of French Gulch Road skiable. It is always fun to add the road as an extension to the trail system. We started today's outing at the Reiling Dredge trailhead and skijored up French Gulch Road until we connected onto the French Gulch Trail. It was a good thing we had this "road extension" as we were not able to skijor as far back into French Gulch as we normally do. See the photo above - we ran into an exposed French Creek that forced us to turn around sooner than we would in the heart of winter.

Cruising up French Gulch Road with just enough snowpack to make the road skiable.
On the real trail. We were first on the trail today and had the pleasure of laying fresh tracks
all the way out French Gulch (until we ran into French Creek and turned around). Whee!

It is still early November, so no complaints from any of us on having to turn around at the exposed creek - skiing anything in early November is a real treat! A fun 7.7 mile outing today with 850 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH.

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