Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wind, Snow and Sun

Today found us powering through 50 MPH wind gusts to get to the day's fresh snow with the winds eventually calming as the sun broke through.

The majority of our day looked like this - an untouched trail all to ourselves!
A beautiful & peaceful day on fresh snow when the wind was calm...

We got a later than usual start this morning as we awoke to almost constant 50 MPH winds. Once we saw significant breaks between the gusts, we knew it was time to get to the trails and enjoy the fresh snow to ourselves. Just as we planned, we started with the wind still gusting (hoping this had kept everyone else off the trails) and put our heads down as we plowed into the wind - knowing it was going to let up soon and we'd be fresh tracks on the day's new snow. We love when a plan goes perfectly!

No, the camera is not out of focus. That is blowing and swirling snow causing the
haziness in this photo. Zip the coat up high, pull the hat down low and follow the
Siberians into the wind...
As the winds calmed, we had the trail to ourselves. We started laying fresh tracks in 2-4 inches
of new snow and eventually breaking trail in 6-10 inches of snow as shown above.

Today was a great day as we celebrated our 3rd favorite event of every skijoring season. Each year our favorites go as follows:
(1) The first snow (in late Sept/early Oct) when we get our first run of the year on the sled.
(2) The first good snow when we put the sled away and get on the skis.
(3) The closing of the Boreas Pass winter gate.

The closing of the gate is such a highlight because it means cars & trucks will no longer keep trying to drive up Boreas and destroy the snow and trail. This weekend marked the much celebrated closing of the Boreas Pass winter gate, so it was a trip up & down Boreas for our day's outing - wheeee!

"I approve, love when the gate is shut!" states Zorro as we have just enough snow to ski on
this wind-blown section of trail. If cars were still allowed, this section of trail would be
"Look at all the beautiful snow! Boreas is set to run until April or May!" exclaims a very
happy Max at our quick break high up on Boreas Pass.
It was a short & fast outing today; but extremely aerobic as we were breaking trail for the majority of the outing: 6.3 miles with 800 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 16 MPH.

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