Saturday, November 23, 2013

Breaking Past 200 Miles

Today found us breaking trail high up on Boreas Mountain as we surpassed 200 miles of skijoring for our 2013/2014 skijoring season.

200 miles and it is not even December yet - what a season we are having!

"Hi! We'll trade speed for powder any day!" say a happy Max & Zorro as the snow
continued to get deeper & deeper as we went up Boreas Pass Rd.
We had an inch (at most) of new snow at home and there was only 1-2 inches of new snow at the Boreas Pass Trailhead. We expected a fast 10-12 mile trip up and down Boreas given the conditions at the start. Boy, were we wrong - the snow kept getting deeper and deeper as we ascended up Boreas. We eventually found ourselves breaking trail in at least 8 inches of pristine, untouched snow. So, we ended up trading a "fast 10-12 miles" for an "aerobic 8.5 trail breaking miles" - nice trade :-)

An inch or two of new snow at the start. We all expected a fast run on these conditions...
After only a few corners up Boreas and we already found ourselves laying fresh
tracks in at least 4 inches of untouched snow - wheeee!
POW for POWder as we got higher. An untouched 8+ inches of snow for most of the
route up Boreas. Wow, did we go from 1-2 inches to 8+ inches in no time!

We ended up tallying a fun 8.5 mile "powder run" with 850 feet of elevation climbed - giving us 200.1 total miles for the season and we are still in "early season"!

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