Friday, December 9, 2016

Deep & Narrow

We are happy to report we skijored less mileage than usual due to breaking trail in about 15 inches of fresh powder this morning!
Max & Zorro plowing through 15 inches of fresh powder as they tow me for miles & miles!
What a fun Siberian Workout!
When we were not breaking trail, we were trotting "single file" in a set track only one Siberian wide.
We go a little slower in single file configuration; but notice that Zorro's back feet are airborne.
We go "slower", not "slow" in this setup :)
When there is a lot of "single track" trail, Max & Zorro work together and alternate who gets lead (the "more work" position) while the other gets to "rest while jogging" in the second slot.
Entertaining the crowds as Zorro takes point along this portion of single track.
Why "single file" you may ask. Well, look closely, if either of Max or Zorro hops out of the single track to run "side by side" then that guy will be in 12-16 inches of powder in which case it is not possible to keep up with your brother in the set track. So, they happily alternate in single file skijoring to keep things moving briskly.

Our outing went as follows: (1) break trail up the back side of Sally Barber Mine; (2) jog single file down the front side of Sally Barber in the set single track; (3) continue single file in a set track in lower French Gulch; and (4) break trail in 12-15 inches of powder in mid French Gulch. Fun!

Did I say "French Gulch"? Well, you know what that means....
"MOOSE! Found one!!!!" declare my moose spotting pair (their noses took them off trail
to stare into the trees here).
Can you see the moose in the prior photo... Look carefully for a "big brown object"... Still can't find it? Well, here is the same photo with an arrow above the moose.
"Who needs an arrow - she is RIGHT THERE!!!!" declare Max & Zorro.

After an aerobic day of breaking trail and jogging single file, we added a final "cool down" mile on plowed & easy French Gulch Road: 7.7 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation climbed.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 29 days on the trails covering 215.3 miles with 21,350 feet of elevation climbed.

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