Friday, December 16, 2016


Such innocent looking little guys at our midpoint break of this morning's outing...
"I'm innocent, I have no idea what you are talking about!" smirks Max.
"Yeah - I'm innocent too!" declares happy Zorro.
Our route today started us on the wide & packed Baldy Mountain Trail and ended on the wide & packed Sally Barber Mine Trail. But, the "connection" between these two trails involves traversing through the backcountry on seldom used terrain. We found the connector had been slightly used by others so it was a narrow single track with deep snow out of track. Not a problem, Max & Zorro always do single tracks just fine and alternate who is in lead.
Jogging along with Max in lead. You can see the narrow single track that requires us to be
single file as the snow is too deep to keep pace if you hop out of track.
Did I say Max & Zorro always do single tracks just fine? Ok, well maybe not always, maybe 99.9% of the time. As we were going along, Zorro gave Max a poke in the butt to say, "Let's speed it up!" This rarely happens and boy did Max take objection :)
"I felt that and now you are going to get squashed!" states silly Max whirling around to let Zorro
know the poke was not welcome!
After pouncing on Zorro, both bounced up to state their final opinions...
"It was just a gentle poke, I wanted to go faster!" Zorro tries to explain.
"Do it again and get flattened again!" declares 'not buying it' Max.
I intervened to explain that we should all just get along as we always do on single tracks. "We will be rewarded with the wide & fast Sally Barber trail, trust me!" I explained. Great, they believed me and we got back to organized skijoring until meeting with Sally Barber and then uncorking the skijor engine!
Zoom, zoom, zoom we go!
Today's short video highlight is Max & Zorro's reward for towing me through the narrow backcountry. The reward: opening up the throttle on the Sally Barber Mine Trail.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

A fun day with "backcountry touring", "an inappropriate poke" and "pedal to the metal sprinting": 8.1 miles traveled with 900 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 34 days on the trails covering 255.0 miles with 26,350 feet of elevation climbed.

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