Saturday, December 3, 2016


A action packed day of "moosing" while skijoring French Gulch this morning.
"What a fun day! Love going 'moosing'!" exclaim my ecstatic pair at a turnaround point
on the trail this morning.
When we arrived at the French Gulch Trailhead this morning, there was a big bull moose standing in the parking lot! Once he saw the car approaching, he left the parking lot and headed up the French Gulch trail. But, we all saw him (Max & Zorro included) and watched him go up the trail. Needless to say, Max & Zorro were VERY excited to get out of the car and get going!

We headed up the French Gulch trail too - with me snowplowing while going uphill trying to keep under control until we found the moose. As we came around a corner, we saw him ahead of us on the trail. Once he heard us coming (thanks Max :), he hopped off the trail and into the gulch. We stopped and watched him saunter off into the deep brush and eventually into French Creek in the middle of the gulch. Very exciting.
Here we are watching the big bull moose wander away. Amazing how hard it is too see him
in this photo when even his big antler rack was clear as day to Max, Zorro and I!
Once we got over the excitement of the bull moose sighting, we continued on up the gulch until Max & Zorro's "moose radar" went off again. They both stopped to stare intensely into the gulch. I followed their gaze and spotted a mother and child moose in the thick brush. Wow!
It is amazing how camouflaged a moose can be! The "brown dot" where I have
the arrow is the head of the mother moose. The smaller brown dot to the right is the head
of the baby moose. Hard to see in the picture, but, once again, Max, Zorro & I all saw them!
In between "moose sightings" we did do some skijoring :) Max & Zorro were in high gear with all the moose juice in their engines. We were flying around the trail all morning!
Catching air as we top 23 MPH skijoring. Wheeee!

A moose filled fast outing in French Gulch: 8.7 miles traveled with 800 feet of elevation and a top speed of 23 MPH.

2016/2017 Season to Date: 24 days on the trails covering 176.0 miles with 17350 feet of elevation climbed.

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