Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 on 12-12-12

"Today is 12/12/12 - how should we commemorate that?" I pondered...
"EASY! Let's skijor 12 miles today!" suggested Max & Zorro.

Great idea! What better way to celebrate 12/12/12 than to skijor 12 miles?
A once in a lifetime opportunity! 

One of our favorite trails for skijoring 12+ miles is Boreas Pass Rd. So, to Boreas we headed this morning...
Nice shot of the conditions (below treeline) on Boreas today. A heavily used and packed
trail, but enough snow to skijor...
The trees are thinning as we approach treeline on Boreas. Boreas is notoriously windy above
treeline and you can see the evidence of that in this photo. Exposed terrain from heavy winds
and a shallow base of snow. We didn't spend much time above treeline, but had to venture up
this high for a little while to get in our 12 miles for 12/12/12.
Wind blown snow has to go somewhere... Max & Zorro discover a deep trough of snow just
off the main trail at our mid-point break. "Lovely snow to dig in over here!" they
both demonstrate.
Nothing too impressive about the trail in this shot - but it does show a nice panoramic of the
Breckenridge Ski Resort (forward and to the left).  A nice collection of snow covered ski runs,
snow covered mountain peaks and picturesque blue sky!
What do Max & Zorro think of a hard packed trail? "If it's packed, we sprint - that human can't even slow down! Go......"
Hitting our top speed of the day (18 MPH) on this section of trail.
Hard packed (though not "professionally groomed") means the human
has to work the skis hard to keep balance with the Siberian Sprint.
[watch on youtube if no video displays below]

Tally for the day... 12.3 miles, 1100 feet of elevation climbed and 18 MPH top speed. A success: 12 miles of skijoring on 12/12/12 - a once in a lifetime accomplishment :-)

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