Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Action Packed Day

Oh my - what an action packed day on the trail today! We were planning a short outing as we did not have a lot of time this morning. Here is what we packed into this short outing:

1) Fresh snowshoe hare tracks in the snow - chase the BUNNY tracks!
2) About a foot of untouched snow in the upper elevations - breaking trail!
3) Fresh (very fresh) moose tracks in the snow - CHASE THE MOOSE TRACKS!

Wow - breaking trail, bunnies and moose all in one short outing! Woo!

"Look at all this deep & untouched powder - breaking trail fun!"
Notice even Max's long legs are completely submerged in the snow.
"And it keeps on going - powder forever!"
"No, wait - what's this? MOOSE tracks in the snow. Oh they smell sooo fresh, the moose
must be very near! Gotta find the moose!"
"Moose went this way, moose went this way! Forget breaking trail fun, we are
chasing MOOSE!"
"Here moosey moosey, just us friendly huskies down here on the trail. Why did you veer
off the trail and up into the trees???"
Wow - what a fun Siberian day. First bunny tracks, then siberian trail breaking fun and finally tracking moose! All this fun packed into 6.4 short miles ascending up (and then down) 1000 feet of elevation.

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