Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fast All Day

Today's skijor outing can be summarized in one word - FAST. If you want to expand beyond just one word, then: FAST ALL DAY! It was a Siberian Sprint day...
Basically every clip we have from today's outing looks similar to this: Max & Zorro sprinting along
the trail. It was "fast all day!"
We went out early to beat the "holiday weekend crowds" and intended to do a short & fast outing before the trails got busy. Oh boy, did Max & Zorro get the intent of the outing!

Our route was an "out & back" on the French Gulch trails with an extension past the trailhead onto French Gulch Road to finish the route. Conditions were (a) snowmobile packed; (b) snowshoe packed; and (c) packed road. Such packed conditions can sometimes cause issues if it becomes too icy from "afternoon melt" followed by "overnight freeze". But, the temperatures have been well below freezing the past week; so, the packed trails were perfect for uncorking our Siberian Skijor Machine and going all out all day.

We have so many "fast video clips" from the outing, it was hard to decided which to publish. Below are three clips of what was a "fast & sprint" outing - what fun!

French Gulch Road - a packed sprint track!
[watch on youtube if no video shows below]

Far back in French Gulch - a packed snowshoe track.
Too narrow to hit a full sprint, but wide enough to open up into a fast lope.
[watch on youtube if no video shows below]

Passing an oncoming car.
Hey - it's a 2 lane road, so just stay in our lane and go on by.
[watch on youtube if no video shows below]

Tally for today's outing: 6 miles, 700 feet of elevation gain and a top speed of 21 MPH. As I said, a short & fast outing - make that "very fast". Woo!

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