Friday, December 14, 2012

Deep Powder

"Hi! We had the best time skijoring today! Woo!" says happy little Zorro.
Today was a day of exploring deep powder on some of the less known and less traveled trails on Baldy Mountain. The "known trails" on Baldy have all been traversed into packed powder over the last few days. But Max, Zorro & I know of some "unpublished" sections of Baldy that rarely get traversed by anyone but the 3 of us. We headed to these less known sections of Baldy today, hoping for some trail breaking fun. Oh boy, were our plans fulfilled - we found entire stretches of trail with 12-18 inches of fresh untouched powder! Wow - trail breaking fun way beyond our expectations! Highlights below:
Chest deep powder for Max - deeper than chest for Zorro. Siberian trail breaking at its best!
A great little video of Max & Zorro doing the "deep powder bunny hops"
as we break to the right to continue exploring the deep powder trail.
[watch on youtube if no video display below]

Once we were done exploring the deep powder, we returned to the main trail and Max & Zorro rolled a dual snow angel to express their satisfaction with the day's events:
Synchronized Snow Angels :-)
The forecast is calling for snow for the next 3 days - a recipe for a multi-day Siberian Trail Breaking Party. Stay tuned...

Vital Stats for today's outing: 6.4 miles and 1300 feet of elevation climbed. It is hard to get a lot of distance when you are in chest deep powder - but what a fun workout packed into a relatively short distance!

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