Friday, December 21, 2012

Where Are We

Handsome Max inspecting the left fork in the trail.
"Do we go this way? Looks fun!"
Today's skijoring outing found us breaking trail in 5-15 inches of untouched snow for over 9 miles of our 10.4 mile outing! We also climbed 2150 feet in elevation during this trail breaking excursion!

Normally, that much distance breaking trail would be the highlight of any outing - normally... The real highlight of today's outing was "Where in the world are we?!?"

Our plan was to skijor the network of bike trails near French Gulch. This is a popular network in the summer for biking & hiking. We had run these trail many time in the summer, but never explored for skijoring until today. Oh boy do things look COMPLETELY different when covered by snow! We got lost 3 different times during our excursion. Luckily I have a GPS with us on our outings. Each time the environment started to look very unfamiliar, I would check the GPS and find us way off the intended route. "How on earth did we miss that last turn?" I asked Max & Zorro who responded, "Turn, what turn - but look at all the fun snow this way! Let's Go!"

Naturally, all the photos we have from the outing have the same theme "Whee and Deep!"
Breaking trail on the right trail for once during the outing! :-)
No idea where we are in this shot; but Max says it looks promising to go up this way.
Oh boy do things look different in the summer! :-)
Look - a trail marker next to Zorro! Woo Hoo, we are on the right track (for now).
Too deep to "plow", Max & Zorro need to hop through the snow on this portion of the trial.
A nice shot of Max's airborne back legs as he lands his front after hopping in the deep
snow to make progress.
We found tons of untouched trails on the outing today - we just need to figure out how to connect them properly next time!

Tally for the day: 10.4 miles, 2150 feet of elevation climbed - woo!

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