Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Another day - another trail to break. It is a lot of work (and fun) "paving the backcountry trails" for all others to use :-) 
High up on Boreas Pass Rd. No existing tracks - time to carve out a set of tracks for others to use!
We have been in a Winter Wonderland the last week, with new snow every single day! Today's outing had 3 segments of Siberian skijoring fun: (1) laying fresh tracks on 2-6 inches of powder on the more popular trails on Baldy Mountain; (2) breaking trail in 6-12 inches of powder on the lesser used trails connecting Baldy to Boreas Mountain; (3) laying fresh tracks on 2-4 inches of powder along the popular Boreas Pass Rd. We had snow falling the whole outing and beautiful snow covered trees all along the trails - a Winter Wonderland...
Connecting Baldy to Boreas in 8-10 inches of fresh powder. Max in front breaking trail. You can
see the trail we are setting goes about 1/2 way up Zorro's body - deep & fun!
Zorro taking lead as we connect onto Boreas Pass Rd at Bakers Tank (the red water tank ahead and to
the left). Happy huskies prancing down the trail!
I thought it was cold out (snowing, 0 degrees, wind blowing = brrrr).
Guess it was just me... Max doing his patented snow angel roll to cool off and Zorro chomping
down on snow cones to cool himself. Does a Siberian ever get cold?
Tally for today's outing: 7.8 miles, 1100 feet of elevation climbed and breaking trail in 6-12 inches of fresh powder along some of the backcountry trails.

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