Friday, December 7, 2012

Timeout - Snow Angel

Wonderful fresh 2-4 inches of snow at Vail Pass today. We were laying first, fresh tracks the entire day! Wooo!

In our skijoring team, we refer to Max as the "lead dog" because he (almost always) listens and we refer to Zorro as the "wheel dog" because his primary interest in life is "faster, forward, faster, forward, ..." But, occasionally Max will say, "Well, I'm the lead dog and I feel like doing something different!" Max's most common form of 'something different' is to declare an impromptu timeout to roll a snow angel in the middle of the trail! Silly Husky!
Max: "Timeout, I'm hot, I declare a snow angel break - right here in the middle of the trail!"
Zorro looking back at me to say, "And you call *him* the lead dog and me the crazy one from
Planet Z??? Jeez!
As you can see in the previous photo - we had a "fresh trail" all to ourselves today. A great day laying fresh tracks in 2-4 inches of snow for 8.6 miles. More fresh tracks shots below:
Trotting along at the summit of Shrine Pass - fresh fun snow!
An 18 MPH sprint along Shrine Pass Rd. Notice the nice tracks in about 4 inches of snow behind
Max & Zorro!
At our midpoint break - Max demonstrating a perfect "entry" into a snow angel. Rolling an angel is
always approved at our midpoint break, it's the random "snow angel timeout" that Max declares
impromptu in the middle of the trail that is unapproved :-)
Vital Stats of Today's Outing: 8.6 miles, 1450 feet of elevation climbed, 18 MPH top speed.

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