Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Day!

A great skijoring snow day today!

We love it when the weather forecast underestimates reality. The forecast was for on & off light snow today. It was snowing lightly when we woke up this morning and then, WOW, it started dumping around 8am and has not let up. Naturally, Max, Zorro & I said, "To the trails, we've got to get some of this fresh snow!"
Cresting over a small incline in French Gulch. Look closely, all the "spots" in the photo (against
the trees in the background) are snowflakes. The picture does not do justice to how hard it was
snowing as it is hard to see white against white; but it was really coming down!
We got an early start to the trails near Sally Barber Mine since this is a popular trail around Breckenridge. The fresh falling snow along with a 2-4 inch base of new snow had everyone juiced and ready to go. Here is a nice clip of Max & Zorro cruising along in a "skijor sprint":

Sprinting on the trails near Sally Barber Mine. No need for the human to
help, just ride the skis and watch the fun Siberians!
[watch on youtube if no video shows below]

Below is a great show of "snow covered Zorro" waiting for me to finish adjusting my equipment.
"I'm soooo happy to be covered in snow from head to tail! Are you done futzing with your
equipment yet, I am ready to GO!" expresses fun little Zorro.
And another shot of the trail and the active snowfall:
Both Max & Zorro with snow covered heads & backs having a great time in the fresh powder.
As with the first shot, the speckles in this photo are snowflakes.
With all the snow falling today, we can hardly wait to see what we find on the trails tomorrow!

Today's Outing: 9.6 miles, 1000 feet of elevation climbed and top speed of 17 MPH - Woo!

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