Saturday, March 30, 2013

800 and Counting

Today we surpassed 800 miles skijoring for our 2012/2013 season!
800 and counting...

It was a bit on the warm side today (upper 20s to mid 30s) - that led to a beautiful "synchronized snow angel" from Max & Zorro at our quick break point:
"Hot day - rolling synchronized snow angels to cool off!" demonstrate Max & Zorro.
There was 2-3 inches of new snow on the fast trails near Good Times Adventures. A perfect amount of snow for the human to be able to ski under control behind the sprinting Siberians on the fast trails.

Cruising along the Middle Fork trail in Swan Valley.
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

We had one scary (for the human) encounter on the trail. As we came over a slight crest, there were two (yes, TWO) moose standing in the middle of the trail.  Egad! Plow to a stop, grab the gangline, get down to one knee to stop the "moose juiced Siberians". At first the moose just stood there looking at us - a real "Oh No!" as a moose standing ground is very scary. But, after what seemed like an eternity to me (only about 15 seconds in real time), the moose turned and trotted up and off the trail. Phew! Sorry I do not have any photos of the pair of moose - I was too worried about safety to care where the GoPro was pointed... I do have a "post moose" shot:
The track into the forest to Max's right is where the two moose decided to leave the trail and
go off into the wilderness. Max is right on top of it, wanting to follow the moose trail! Zorro
is juiced by the moose prints all over the trail and is hoping to find more moose ahead on
the trail.
Max & Zorro's view on the moose encounter, "Whee! We will run 800 more miles TODAY if you let us chase those two moose!" Crazy Siberians...

For the day, we covered 12.3 miles with 1350 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH. Luckily, for me, the moose encounter was on an uphill section of trail; otherwise our top speed would probably have been a scary 25+...

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