Saturday, March 9, 2013

Technical Day

The majority of today's skijoring was spent on narrow & technical trails. Lots of elevation, lots of maneuvering, lots of narrow trails and lots of new snow. Oh, and lots of fun :-)

I just called out "Ok, let's head back" to turn us around on the trail and head back to the
trailhead. Happy Husky faces as they both spun around in unison and started back along
the trail we just traversed. Good listeners!
We spent most of the day on lesser used trails on Baldy Mountain. This meant two things: (1) lots of single file skijoring on single track trails; and (2) lots of breaking trail and/or laying fresh tracks on all the new snow that fell overnight and throughout the morning.

High up on Baldy Mountain as we pass by an old abandoned mining cabin.
Zorro taking lead and laying fresh tracks on the single track trail.
More untouched terrain as Max is breaking trail in lead. There is a narrow single track trail
under the snow, if you step out of the track you sink into "Siberian deep" powder!
A few times we briefly intersected with Baldy Road as we where connecting lesser used trails. What happens when you hit the wide open road? Speed!
Airborne, sprinting Siberians along a section of Baldy Rd. All the spots in the photo are
snowflakes hitting and briefly sticking to the GoPro as we fly along near 20 MPH!
Today was day 7 of our "mini Iditarod" covering 7.5 miles with 1500 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH. A relatively short outing for us... Not all days can be "fast & far", sometimes you run into mountains and it becomes an elevation instead of distance day :-)

Our total stats after 7 Iditarod days: 69.6 miles and 8650 feet of elevation climbed.
GPS summary of the day. While most of the day was spent on technical
(and, thus slower) trails, we did hit a few nice sprint sections along
Baldy Road.

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