Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Work the Human

The theme of today's skijoring outing was "Work the Human".

Now, you might think "work the human" meant I had to do a lot of cross country skiing on our skijor outing. Well, nope... "Work the human" meant I spent a lot of the day grinding my legs & skis in attempts to keep the skijoring machine under control and going safe speeds.
Wide open, fast packed trail with sprinting & pulling Siberians. 
The following video clip shows some of the "work the human" day. Watch as we are galloping along gently and then turn it on into a tight left, then gallop into a blind right and finally take off down a fast straightaway...
Gallop, sprint, gallop, sprint ... Wheeeee!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

The trails were packed & fast everywhere we went. Max & Zorro's view on the conditions: "Eat your Wheaties, strap on those skis and get ready because we are uncorking it all day!"

Galloping along a snowmobile paved "double track". It might look easy enough, but try
and figure out how to slow down when the Siberians floor it...
Hint: notice my left ski close to the track wall - slide the left leg into the off-trail powder
whenever you need to slow down.
Even more difficult - galloping along in a single track. Ride one ski "out of track" the
whole time to generate some minor "speed control".
Even uphill was fast today. Luckily, uphill is the one type of terrain that does not "work
the human". Uphill is easiest - sounds funny, huh? :-)
Today was 8.4 miles of fast trails climbing 1000 feet in elevation and hitting a top speed of 21 MPH.

Fun shot at our quick "break point" of the outing. In a manner of seconds, Zorro has dug a
trench engulfing his head & shoulders. But, Max is uninterested in Zorro's trench work as
he is monitoring the terrain and hoping we will run all day!

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