Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Another great day logging almost 12 miles skijoring in & around the trails by Good Times, with a great "huh?" moment from Max when I suggested ending the day :-)

Laying fresh tracks in 1-2 inches of snow on one of the lesser used trails in the area.
The following 2 photos are a classic from Max & Zorro...
We had been skijoring for about 9.5 miles nonstop when we took a quick break at this point
in the trail before heading back.
"I am having a GREAT time!" expresses happy face Max.
"Just getting warmed up, ready for more." declares Zorro.
Now, in between the previous shot and the next shot, I said, "Ok, let's head back." I use this command when we are on the approach to our finishing point but still too far away to use the "almost done" command. 99% of the time Max & Zorro take "let's head back" as a cue that we are in the final stretch of the outing and no need to conserve yourself. So, we were just over 9.5 miles into our outing today when I suggested "let's head back" to declare we where on the final 2 mile stretch - the photo below is the reaction my "let's head back" got today...
"Huh? No way, I misunderstood you! Why would we head back already?" says a puzzled Max.
"Poppycock! I see perfect trails we have not been on just behind you! Pure poppycock!"
 expresses a solemn Zorro determined to get on the trail behind me and continue on.
I wonder if we would ever "head back" if I left it up to Max & Zorro :-)
Other than my outrageous suggestion to "head back", it was a fast & fun outing today:

Laying fresh tracks and hauling me up a shallow incline - whee!
About a 1/2 mile from returning to the trailhead, Max & Zorro letting it all out as clearly
we got no exercise during the last 11 miles.
This was day 5 of our "mini Iditarod" covering 11.6 miles with 1400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 19 MPH (it sure felt faster than 19, but that's what the GPS recorded...)

Our total stats after 5 Iditarod days: 52 miles and 5750 feet of elevation climbed.

The GPS summary of today's outing.

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