Saturday, March 16, 2013

Iditarod Finish

Today was the last outing for our "mini Iditarod" to tally miles during the running of the real Iditarod in Alaska.

The total tally for our mini Iditarod: 12 days on the trail, 125.2 miles and 15,200 feet of elevation climbed. Pretty good for a team of only 2 sled dogs!

Still running hard after 14+ miles! Our "finish" is just around the corner along this trail.
"What 'SLOW' sign?" say 20 MPH Max & Zorro :-)
We took a 14 mile tour on the trails around Good Times for our Iditarod finish. High temperatures were in the mid to high 40s the last two days, so the early morning conditions were extremely icy as trail melt had frozen overnight. Thank Dog it is snowing this afternoon as our trails are in desperate of some fresh snow to soften them up!

Some fun photos from today's outing:

Many sections of the trail were nice enough to open up the skijoring engine, as above as
we sprint along a flat section of trail. But, we did hit the occasional patches of pure ice
to force us to slow down - yuck!
"This has been such a fun mini Iditarod!" declare happy Max & Zorro at our high point
of the outing as I called to them to turnaround.
It was on the warm side today, so Max needed to roll his usual snow angel to cool off
before we could start the final 3 mile sprint to the finish.
As I said, temperatures on the warm side (upper 20s/low 30s) - that is the temperature level
where Zorro joins in the "snow angel cool off" during our quick break.
Today was day 12 & the final day of our "mini Iditarod" covering 14.4 miles with 1750 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 21 MPH.

Our total stats for 12 Iditarod days: 125.2 miles and 15,200 feet of elevation climbed. Woo, what a fun ride!
GPS stats of the final leg of our mini Iditarod.

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