Friday, March 29, 2013


We skijored into a surprise snowstorm coming down Boreas Pass Rd today!
A Siberian Super Surprise!

Look closely - all the "white speckles" you see in this photo are snowflakes
falling down on us. What a wonderful Siberian surprise!
We started the day in the sun at the Indiana Creek trailhead and skijored up the steep trail connecting Indiana Creek to Boreas Pass Rd. Once we got onto Boreas, we turned right and headed further up Boreas Pass until we got above treeline and the wind started picking up. I was not dressed for strong winds, so it was a quick break and then turnaround to head back down Boreas Pass Rd and into the surprise snowstorm - Whee!

On our initial descent down Boreas Pass. The "gray blob of clouds" directly in
front of us is the surprise snowstorm we are heading into. It is always so much fun
to skijor with Max & Zorro while it is snowing!
Yea - snowing! The white speckles you see against the trees and against Max & Zorro
(especially black Zorro) are big, fluffy snowflakes falling upon us.
Approaching Bakers Tank as we are about halfway down Boreas. Slight shadows on the
trail - we haven't reached the falling snow yet... Just a couple more minutes and it
started dumping on us!
The snowstorm did not last for long; but any snow in late March or April is a welcome thing!

Today's outing covered 9.6 miles with 1300 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 18 MPH and a fun collection of snowflakes dropping on us for about 3 miles of the route.

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