Friday, March 8, 2013

How Hot

How hot was it today? So hot that even Zorro rolled a snow angel to cool off!

Zorro rolling a rare snow angel to cool off at our high point of the outing.
It was in the upper 20s when we started our outing and upper 30s when we finished. That is "hot enough" for Zorro to declare snow angels in order. Max, of course, never misses a chance to roll a snow angel:
Rolling a snow angel while also tasting the snow - talented! :-)
It was an interesting route today connecting Indiana Creek to Boreas Pass. The route up Indiana Creek was a narrow, single file trail rising up around 1400 feet over 4 miles:
Max running lead on the "single file" trail up & out of Indiana Creek.
Gotta share the load - Zorro taking lead for a while as we are still climbing up
the narrow trail.
You will notice from the photos, that the guy in front during "single file skijoring" is doing a lot of work - both leading the pack and hauling the human! The guy in second slot has a loose gangline as he is "resting" while jogging along in this position. The reason to keep alternating lead...

Once we connected onto Boreas, it was the complete opposite of the route up. Boreas was a wide open super-packed trail. It was so packed in areas that it was closer to ice than a ski trail. Try putting yourself on skis on ice while connected to two Siberian engines - stopping is not always an easy or readily accomplished act!
Ice or trail? It is a fine line... 2 sprinting Siberians and 1 silly human wondering if
stopping is really a possibility :-)
Happy Huskies arriving (quickly) at the trailhead
after a "casual" 10 mile outing.
Today was day 6 of our "mini Iditarod" covering 10.1 miles with 1400 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

Our total stats after 6 Iditarod days: 62.1 miles and 7150 feet of elevation climbed.
The GPS summary of the day's outing.

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