Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snow = Go

We are in "Spring Rules" for skijoring... Daily temperatures are rising, daily melt is happening and we fear the end of season. So, Spring Rules state: if it snows we go! Never skip a single morning with new snowfall for the rest of the season.

We got a surprise 3 inches of new snow overnight (the forecast was for a trace, at best).
It snowed = we go!

Fresh tracks for the Siberians + nice views for the humans.
We are still in the morning shadow of Boreas Mountain, but you can see the sun
breaking on all the mountains in front of us.
We took our favorite route to connect Baldy Mountain to Boreas Mountain via backcountry trails. As suspected, we were laying fresh tracks on the new snow the entire "connector route". To our surprise (& delight), we were also the first tracks on popular Boreas Mountain! The last mile of Boreas is extremely popular with tourists, so we were not laying fresh tracks for this portion. But, we had the new snow to ourselves for 8 of our 9 mile outing - fresh tracks for happy huskies!

The "Baldy to Boreas" connector is a seldom used trail; so, it is typically
a narrow, single track as show above. Single file skijoring in the single
track trail with Max in lead.
Whenever a single track trail extends for long distances, we always
switch leaders now & then. Zorro taking his turn to run in lead.
At our high point of the outing we took a quick 3-4 minute break. Max & Zorro had a snow angel competition. Who do you vote for as the winner?

"Vote for me - rolling a snow angel with a mouth full of snow! Top that!"
says candidate Max.
"Vote for me - getting my entire head covered in snow from rolling
an angel!
" declares candidate Zorro.
Tally for today's outing: 9.1 miles, 850 feet of elevation climbed, a top speed of 18 MPH and laying fresh tracks in the new snow for over 8 continuous miles!

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