Friday, February 24, 2012

5 in a Row

"If it snows, we go!" - That is Max, Zorro & my skijoring motto. Fresh snow means we strap on the harnesses & skis and hit the trails. Mother Nature clearly decided to test my resolve to this motto. This morning was our 5th day in a row with fresh snow on the ground. Skijoring 5 days in a row? Can my body keep up? (the Siberians have no trouble going every day :-)

We made it: 5 days in a row of either breaking trail in deep snow or laying fresh tracks in 2-4 inches of snow. We fought off high winds, we fought off busy holiday crowds, we fought of human exhaustion. Thankfully, it is a beautiful sunny day today - rest the human tomorrow and pray for new snow for Sunday...
High up on the trail connecting Baldy Mountain to Boreas Mountain. Breaking
trail in snow soooo deep that we need to go single file and let Max lead the way.
I was planning an easy 8 mile outing today - skijoring up, down and across Baldy and Boreas mountains. But, Mother Nature snuck in a surprise for us... We found untouched snow for about 2.5 miles between Baldy and Boreas - leaving us to break trail in 12-30 inches of fresh snow for this entire stretch. Yes, I said "30 inches" - that's deeper than Max & Zorro so they had to "bunny hop" up and down in the snow to make progress for about 3/4 of a mile straight! Woo, what a fun surprise workout for all!

Vital Stats: 8.1 miles; 120m total time; 105m skijoring time (that 2.5 mile stretch of extreme trail breaking really slows you down); 19 MPH top speed; 1100 feet of elevation climbed.

Max taking a quick break to lay & play in the snow before we start our final
stretch to the Boreas winter trailhead.
Zorro snacking on the snow to "cool his jets" before we start our final stretch.
A look back at our trail breaking fresh tracks as we transitioned out of the woods
and onto Boreas Pass Rd.

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