Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun Fast Day

Cruising up the Sally Barber Mine trail.
A "high wind" weather advisory is on the way to Breckenridge today. So, we got out on the trails early, stayed below treeline and did a short & fast outing around Sally Barber and French Gulch today.

There was roughly an inch of new snow on the lower sections of the trail and about 2-3 inches at the higher elevations. Perfect conditions to go fast up, down and around the trails!

Today's Route: (1) Start at the Sally Barber/Barney Ford trailhead and skijor up to Sally Barber Mine; (2) Sprint down to the French Gulch/Sally Barber intersection; (3) Skijor out & up French Gulch until reaching the first of the private cabins in the gulch; (4) Turn around and sprint down to the Reiling Dredge trailhead on French Gulch Road.

Vital Stats: 6.1 miles; 58m total time; 52m skijoring time; 22 MPH top speed; 650 feet of elevation climbed. A short, fun & fast outing!

At our turnaround point in French Gulch. Max is lined up to keep going further
up French Gulch; he's straining backward to say, "What? Sounded like you said
'turnaround'. I must have heard you wrong - lets keep going!
Max adds, "Well, if you really said something as silly as 'turnaround', then
I am going to snow-angel in the snow while you think about it!
Zorro says, "Yum, yum - I'll be over here chomping down on snow cones
until you 2 decide if we are going forward or turning around!
At our finish point and getting our end-of-run hotdogs. Zorro
demonstrating, "Who says I'm short? Look how loooong I can
stretch my neck to become as tall as Max!!!

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