Monday, February 20, 2012

Nice Videos

It's still the "busiest weekend of the year" in Breckenridge; but we got new snowfall overnight. Max, Zorro & I have a commitment: "If it snows, we go!" So, we got an early start today and did a quick outing in Indiana Creek. Short outing and cool temperatures meant everyone was in fast, sprinting form as demonstrated in our start & end videos below:

Off we go - not much help needed from the human, just
Siberian power as we sprint out & up into Indiana Creek.

Sprinting to the finish. Woo - fun!

Even though it was a short outing, we had quite the diversity of conditions to skijor through:

(1) It was 4 degrees with a growing breeze and slight snow falling at the start. This 1.5 mile start (and then 1.5 mile return) is protected by trees, so we were laying fresh tracks on 1-3 inches of new snow.

(2) After the first 1.5 miles, we transitioned into an open, typically windy meadow for the next 1.5 miles. As expected, the winds were really blowing and had created drifting snow for us to power through. We were breaking trail in 6-12 inches of snow this whole route. After we took a quick break, we started back the same path - the wind was blowing so strong that all of our original tracks were already blown over and covered in snow. So it was breaking trail in 6-12 inches again - what fun!

Vital Stats: 5.9 miles; 68m total time; 62m skijoring time; 24 MPH top speed, 850 feet of elevation gain. This was actually a pretty fast outing when you consider that 1/2 the route included breaking trail in 6-12 inches of snow!

I love the following clips from our "return video" - they show the fun of Siberian skijoring:

On the approach, moving in unison.
Passing by - look at the long,
outstretched Max legs!
Flying by - look at all 4 back legs
outstretched in sprinting unison!

A look back at our fresh tracks after breaking trail far back in the
Indiana Creek gulch.

An old, abandoned mining cabin in the Indiana Creek gulch. This cabin
always perks Zorro's interest - I joke that he's thinks this would be a
wonderful place to live!

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