Saturday, February 18, 2012

Technical Route

All smiles as we sprint to our "finish point" today.
Today's skijoring outing covered a series of highly technical backcountry trails. We wanted to stay off the "easy trails" to avoid the weekend crowds. We accomplished that; but what a workout on all 3!

(1) We started early at the Boreas winter trailhead and had a peaceful climb to Bakers Tank on the wide Boreas trail.

(2) We then cut hard & high into the backcountry at Bakers Tank. We stayed on tight trails either undocumented or rated "expert" - weaving in/out of trees (and up/down terrain) from Bakers Tank, all the way across Baldy Mountain and eventually to Sally Barber Mine. In all, a 5 mile trek through highly technical terrain - wooo a workout for all!

(3) We then sprinted down from Sally Barber Mine to the Sally Barber/Barney Ford trailhead. This short section reinforced our route decision for the day - we encountered and navigated around over 25 other cross country skiers/snowshoers on the way down this short trail - what a zoo, happy we spent most of our day far off the beaten path!

Vital Stats: 9.2 miles; 120m total time; 105m skijoring time; 21 MPH top speed; 1100 feet of elevation gain. A technically difficult, yet very peaceful outing for the first 8ish miles and then a zoo the last 1.4 mile...

Nice video of our final approach to the Sally Barber/Barney Ford

Max doing his "snow angel" to cool off when we took a quick break at Sally
Barber Mine (too bad my shadow is hiding his head).
Zorro sampling the "snow cones", Max sniffing for treasures...
Sally Barber Mine with beautiful, clear blue skies in the background.

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