Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rare Footage

Perfect Day, Perfect Powder - Rare Footage of Zorro leading as we break trail in 18 inches of snow!

Rare footage of "short Zorro" breaking trail in Indiana Creek. The left shot shows him passing Max
(after Max had been breaking trail for quite a distance). The right shot shows Max happily pulling in
behind Zorro to give himself a rest while Zorro blazes the trail.
We had a perfect day skijoring out in Indiana Creek today. I wore my "powder skis", in hope that we could out-ski the established tracks and get into some deep powder to break trail. We were not disappointed as we enjoyed about 2.5 miles of untouched trail with 12-18 inches of powder. It is interesting to note that there is a "packed trail" under the 12+ inches of powder; so, if you veer off the covered trail you are in 3+ feet of untouched powder! As a result, we needed to switch to "single file" skijoring to keep ourselves breaking trail in 12-18 inches instead of 36+ inches.

As usual, we started the "single file" configuration with Max and his long legs in front to break trail. But, you cannot ask Max to do everything... So, as the photos show above, once Max got a little winded, Zorro took his turn to pull to the front and break trail with his short (but powerful) legs and chest. It's so fun to watch Max slide in behind Zorro until he catches his breath and then he nudges Zorro out of the way and resumes the trail breaking position with his long legs. Zorro tries soooo hard when he is in front and you can see him giving it all he has; but, we noticeably slow down when we have the short legs instead of the long legs out front.

Vital Stats: 6.7 miles (with about 2.5 miles breaking trail in 12-18 inches); 82m total time; 70m skijoring time; 20 MPH top speed; 850 feet of elevation climbed.

Nice video of our finish at the Indiana Creek trailhead. As you can
see, the trail was quite "used" near the trailhead; but we were able
to out-ski the standard cross country trail and get into some deep
powder to ourselves higher up.

A look back at our trail breaking fresh tracks. So fun to get into the deep
powder all by ourselves!

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