Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Run

We awoke to trace amounts of new snow this morning. Then, it really started to dump and we had over 3 inches of new snow by the time I finished breakfast (and still falling). So, Max, Zorro and I hit the trails for a morning fun run...
Cruising along the Blue River Trail. As you can see, the trail is only "One Siberian Wide",
so we were single file skijoring for 4 miles along this route. A few times, the sides of the
trail were taller than Max! I tried to snap a photo of this and immediately fell out of the
narrow single track and into the snow. So, put the camera away and pay attention....
We started at the Indiana Creek winter trailhead. As we were driving on Indiana Creek Road to the trailhead, I noticed how deep the new, fast falling snow was on this city road. "Hmmm, we could skijor the road before the plows come out!" I noted...  We then started our fun route out & up Indiana Creek - laying fresh tracks in 3-4 inches of snow near the trailhead and breaking trail in 4-8 inches as we got further back into the Indiana Creek Gulch.

We have a lot of hiking/biking/snowshoe trails near our house. These trails are skiable immediately after a fresh, fast falling snowfall (and then get beaten down to non-skiable ice & rock soon after). But, we were out skijoring on the cusp of a fresh dump of new snow. As we were cruising around Indiana Creek, I said to Max & Zorro, "I bet the snow is new & deep enough for us to make a run all the way home!" As we got back to the Indiana Creek trailhead, I noticed the plows still had not been out and I said, "Ok, lets go for a home run - Max, Zorro forward!" and my two pals happily galloped through the trailhead and started down Indiana Creek Road. Wheeee, we cruised down the road until meeting up with the Blue River Trail - this popular snowshoe trail would wind us back into Breckenridge and drop us a few blocks from home. So, I sent Nancy a text telling her we didn't need a ride home and off we went on the Blue River Trail. What Fun! We found beautiful, untouched snow the entire route! The trail had steep snow walls on each side and was only one Siberian wide; so, it was single file skijoring as we were breaking trail in 4-12 inches the entire route! Eventually we dropped back into town and had to carefully navigate a couple of blocks of recently plowed roads to complete the route home. What a Blast!

Vital Stats: 9 miles; 130m total time; 110m skijoring time (quite a few sections of deep snow and/or single file tracks kept the overall speeds down); 21 MPH top speed; 1100 feet of elevation climbed.

Max making a very nice Snow Angel in the fresh snow! The sun popped out
for a about a 1/2 hour during our outing. But it is back to dumping snow
again now.
Zorro inspecting the new snow for the "right spot" to dunk his head.

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