Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Single File Fun

High up on Baldy Mountain: the trail is only
"One Siberian"wide and the snow is 4+ feet
deep if you step off the packed trail.
So, in "single file" we go...
We spent most of today skijoring on trails not commonly used and not commonly known to anyone but true backcountry enthusiasts.

This means trails that are typically only "one Siberian" wide (or "one pair of skis" wide). I stepped off the trail once and sunk in snow past my waist. Max stepped off the trail once to try and go "side by side" with Zorro and he sunk past his head (yes, deeper than Max!). So, we spent much of today's outing in "single file" skijoring, as pictured to the left. Max and Zorro took turns being in the lead position with Max in front about 60% of the time and Zorro in front the other 40%.

It is still a blast to single file skijor; but, it is the Siberian in front doing all the work. The front husky is both "lead" and "wheel" as the gangline its taut to the front but loose to the guy in the middle. So, our speeds slow a little in this configuration.

We started at the Baldy Mountain winter trailhead and then went up and across Baldy on mostly "one Sibe wide" trails until we eventually connected to Boreas Pass Rd. We then went back to "side by side" skijoring and cruised up Boreas for a while before taking a quick break and then running all the way back to the Boreas winter trailhead.

Vital Stats: 9.0 miles; 115m total time; 105m skijoring time (a little slower pace than typical due to the single file configuration); 18 MPH top speed; 1000 feet of elevation climbed.

Near the trailhead on Baldy Mountain - the trail is still "2 Sibes wide" but is
shrinking quickly and became "1 Sibe wide" just a little further from this point.
At our high point on Boreas Pass. Zorro doing a little "head dunk" into the snow.
Max says, "Hey bro, what do you have under the snow here? Let me join in!"
Pretty shot of the fresh snow on the trees and the clear blue skies this morning.

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