Friday, February 3, 2012

The Looney Bin

Max going exploring in the deep snow off the trail,
Zorro dunking his head down into the snow.
I intended on going skijoring with Max & Zorro today. Apparently I took a "wrong turn" near the start and found myself on skis in the Siberian Looney Bin instead...

Gone was "Max the consistent lead dog", instead I found "Max from Mars". Gone was "Zorro the endless wheel dog", instead I found "Zorro from Planet Z". Thus began a day of nobody listening to me and a day of many "Team Organization Meetings" to discuss the concept and technique of skijoring. Did the meetings work? HA, pffft,  what a Siberian Looney Bin!

Here's what I recall... Zorro "said something" to Max at the start of our outing. The topic of that discussion was clearly controversial and the conversation was continued throughout the day. Four times, as we were beginning to get some real speed going, "the discussion" came back up between Max & Zorro and resulted in a takedown and then a wrestling, Siberian entwined snowball on the trail in front of me. Twice Zorro clearly restarted "the discussion" and twice Max clearly restarted "the discussion". It happened going uphill, it happened going downhill, it happened on an open trail, it happened on a narrow trail ... it just kept happening... The Looney Bin was in full operation starring Max from Mars and Zorro from Planet Z.

We were high up on Boreas Pass Rd when the fourth of "the discussions" broke out. As I am bent over untangling the Siberian mess of a gangline, Max licks my face and backs up. I look up and immediately think, "Oh no - goofball Max!" When Max gets his goof going, he gets a wild & happy look on his face, he bounces his long front legs up & down, he typically lets out a low "wooo" and then he jumps me. Well, that's what happened today - goofball Max was having a great time wrestling with his brother and decided to happily include me in the fun. So much for the "Team Organization Meetings"...

Vital Stats: 8.5 miles; 105m total time; 90m skijoring time (15m of failed Team Organization Meetings); 20 MPH top speed (leading to a wild, wrestling takedown as we hit 20); 800 feet of elevation climbed.

Approaching the Boreas winter trailhead in perfect skijoring form.
"What Siberian Looney Bin? Don't know what he's talking about!"
demonstrate Max & Zorro.

Max exploring the "animal tracks" in snow at our high point on Boreas Pass.
Zorro digging in the snow at our high point on Boreas Pass.
A nice shot of our tracks coming up Boreas Pass and the winter wonderland of
snow covered trees. 


  1. Well... yeah, but Planet Z is REALLY fun... trust me!
    Play bows,

  2. Ha, yes - it must be; otherwise why would Zorro spend so much time on Planet Z?!?