Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Max!

Today is Max's birthday! His present from Zorro and I: skijoring up, down and all over Baldy Mountain! Happy 5th Birthday Max...

Skijoring along the trail to the True Romance Mine. Notice the back legs in perfect
unison as we cruise along shoulder-to-shoulder on this narrow trail. We spent most
of the day on "lesser known" (so narrower) trails in the backcountry. Fun, fun, fun!
This 3-day weekend is the busiest of the year for Breckenridge Ski Resort - so the town is full and you want to avoid the wide, well known cross country trails. We did this by sticking to steep and mostly undocumented trails on Baldy Mountain. It was a success, we encountered only 2 other groups of skiers all day! Just Max, Zorro and I skijoring up, down and all over Baldy Mountain!

Vital Stats: 7.1 miles; 90m total time; 80m skijoring time; 19 MPH top speed; 1200 feet of elevation gain. Lots of narrow trails, lots of steep elevations (up & down), lots of Siberian skijoring fun!

Another shot of our narrow, yet very peaceful, trails today.
Max's present to himself: a "snow angel" roll in the snow.
A little "head dunking" exploration in the snow for the Siberians as I was
surveying the terrain for ways to stay on paths less traveled.
Getting our "end of run hotdogs" at the trailhead. Notice Zorro's two feet on my leg - trying to
get a "step up" on tall Max and get closer to the hotdogs.

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