Wednesday, April 17, 2013

900 - The Hard Way

Today we surpassed 900 miles skijoring for our 2012/2013 season.

It was "passing 900 the hard way" as we were breaking trail in 12-24 inches of snow for over 5 miles of the outing!
Max & Zorro plowing through about 15 inches of along this section of the trail.
It was "plowing through 12-24 inches" for over 5 miles - what a workout!
It is the middle of April and we have been breaking trail for almost a week straight - and it is still snowing today. Wow! Usually our April outings are shortened by the lack of skiable terrain as the Spring Melt is on. Yet, this April our outings have been shortened by "out of time, it was too deep to go further in the time we had." Today was another "slowed by deep snow" day as we covered only 8.6 miles in the time it usually takes us to cover 13-15 miles! No complaints here, but it has been an amazing run of almost daily snow for the last 7+ days - Woo!

It was "deep enough, long enough" to split the work at let Max break trail while Zorro and
I glided behind in his tracks.
"Deep enough, long enough" for Max to tire and let Zorro take point as the trail breaker.
Deep enough for Zorro to resort to "bunny hops" in the snow to keep up with Max.
Deep enough for tall Max to resort to "bunny hops" - now that is DEEP!
A real workout today covering 8.6 miles with 1000 feet of elevation climbed and trail breaking in 12-24 inches for over 5 miles of the route!

Snow covered heads at the trailhead finish. The forecast is for up
to another foot of snow today and overnight!

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