Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Zorro Shoes

We always jokingly talk about Zorro having "built-in snowshoes" on his feet - here is a great example of what we mean:
Max & I are on the hard packed trail - if either of us step off the packed trail, we would sink
into 6-12 inches of snow. Notice the holes poking through the snow on the left of the trail,
some poor animal without built-in snowshoes sunk through. Now look at Zorro happily
trotting outside the set trail with no worry of "breaking through" - thus our reference to his
built-in snowshoes. He can frequently run "out of track" and not break into the deep snow
like Max or I would...
We expected icy conditions for our outing today; so we took a path to minimize the downhill slope: 3.6 miles to ascend up a steep 1150 feet and then spread the 1150 feet descent over a much safer 5 miles. A perfect route for icy and/or fast packed trails.

Transitioning onto Boreas Pass Rd - time to start the 5 mile jog down.
"Wait, let's cool off first!" as Max rolls a snow angel and Zorro chomps
down on snow cones.
Airborne Siberians jogging fast as we approach the finish...
The route: start at the Indiana Creek trailhead and take a steep trail to connect high up on Boreas Pass Rd and then jog down the much more gentle Boreas Pass Rd to the Boreas winter trailhead. We covered 8.6 miles with 1150 feet of elevation climbed and a mild top speed of 16 MPH. I did not want to encourage a "20 MPH sprint" and risk encountering ice at these speeds, so we kept the pace for the day at a safe & enjoyable jog.

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