Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thank You

A crazy April 23rd found us breaking trail in 12-18 inches of fresh snow this morning!

Not everyone likes "breaking trail" as much as Max, Zorro & I as evidenced below. We had just broke trail uphill to Sally Barber Mine with snow as deep as 18 inches. We were coming back down the track we set on the way up when we ran into a couple of skiers coming up. The front skier's comment to me, "Thank you so much for breaking trail for the rest of us!"
"Thank you so much for breaking trail for the rest of us!" said the skier to me as she stepped out
of the track to let us by. "Don't thank me - thank them." I responded as I pointed at my trail
breakers Max & Zorro. "Thank you so much nice doggies!" she then responded as we
continued on by. 
As I said above, this was a crazy amount of new snow on the trails for April 23rd!

With so much new snow overnight, we were able to start on French Gulch Road and skijor
up some tire tracks until connecting into the backcountry at the French Gulch trailhead.
As soon as we were off the road and onto the trails it was immediately 12+ inches of new
snow to break trail through! Untouched terrain as far as the eye could see.
Plowing through some seriously deep snow!
"We like breaking trail!" express a happy Max & Zorro.
Today followed our theme for most of April: long stretches of breaking trail in 12+ inches lead to "less than typical" mileage but a very exhilarating outing. 7.1 miles with 800 feet of elevation climbed and breaking trail in snow as deep as 18 inches - woo!

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