Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Perfect Form

Sometimes, as the musher, you watch the Siberians go as perfectly synchronized sprinting machines and all you can say is, "Wow!"
Skijoring somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 MPH with Max & Zorro shoulder-to-shoulder
and lock-step while flying down the trail - Wow!
It started dumping snow around 3pm Tuesday and kept up for a few hours. We had some appointments to take care of on Wednesday so we originally had no plans to skijor today. But, once the Tue snow started accumulating it was, "No way are we missing this April treat!" So, we got up early Wed and hit the trails just after sunrise - and a treat it was!

Sprinting along the trail near Sally Barber Mine.
Everyone was excited to get up early and make use of this April Snow Treat!
[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

It was a short outing up & over Sally Barber Mine and partway out & back French Gulch. Amazingly, even though we started about 15 minutes after sunrise, we were not the first tracks on a few sections of the trail! All the crazy snow lovers know the season is winding down and you cannot imagine missing fresh powder. But, we did have many sections of "untouched trail" to traverse and lay fresh tracks in the April Snow Treat:

Cruising up French Gulch & laying first tracks in about 3 inches of fresh powder.
Still first tracks as we crest over a hump before galloping down the ravine
on the other side of the crest.
Max & Zorro entering a "snow angel roll" in unison - clearly operating in synchronized
unison was the theme of the day :-)
A quick outing before tending to the chores of the day; but we did not miss the new snow! 6.7 miles with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 22 MPH - zoom!

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