Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Day - Another Foot

Another day, another foot (plus) of new snow to break trail through!
Our wild April snow dump has found us breaking trail for 8 straight days now - what fun!
Cruising along in 12-15 inches of untouched snow. There really is a trail we are following,
the smart Siberians can keep "on trail" in even the deepest of trail breaking conditions!
Our outing today took us on a tour of the Dry Gulch area in north Breckenridge. It was snowing lightly when we started; but it was dumping snow for hours yesterday evening. This lead to us breaking trail for 6.8 miles the entire outing today - whee!

Breaking trail along Dry Gulch. Our shallowest section of trail had about 6 inches of
snow to plow through and our deepest section had about 18 inches. Breaking trail in 6-18
inches for almost 7 miles!
There was a gusty wind on the outing today; so, occasionally, the Siberians had to hop
through & over deep snow drifts.
Did I mention the gusty wind? The trees were full of fresh snow and the wind was gusting - mix those together and here is what you get:
A gust is blasting through the trees and dumping snow down on us as we pause to
ride out the gust.
We are now in "the heart" of the wind gust. Can you see Max? He really is there - only
5-6 feet in front of me but barely visible through the snow dumping down on us!
Tally for the day's outing: 6.8 miles, 550 feet of elevation climbed, top speed of 17 MPH and breaking trail in 6-18 inches of snow for the entire outing!

Some days it is just impossible to catch a shot of happy Max & Zorro looking into the
camera at the same time. I have a ton of "happy Zorro face" shots and a ton of "happy
Max face" shots; but none of both at once... Oh well, here is happy Max giving his approval
of today's exhilarating trail breaking outing.

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