Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Cold Front

A serious "springtime cold front" blew into Colorado yesterday. It did not bring as much snow as promised; but it did bring an extreme drop in temperatures...

8 degrees at the trailhead when we started, colder as we went higher, 14 degrees when we finished and a brisk breeze to drive the windchill below zero. The Siberians' view on the supposed cold front was, "What cold front?"
Max and Zorro each rolling snow angels to "cool off" during our quick break after completing
the steep climb up & out of Indiana Creek. "What cold front?" :-)
Well, I thought it was cold for April - guess it was just me...

We did one of our favorite routes going from Indiana Creek, up a steep connector trail to Boreas Pass and then a gentle jog & sprint all the way down Boreas Pass Rd. The highlight of the day: an untouched layer of 1-3 inches of snow for 7.8 of the 8.8 mile outing. Laying fresh tracks for miles & miles & miles - Whee!

High up on Boreas Pass Rd. The wind was brisk and the temperatures were low; but the
trail conditions were fabulous!
On the "Indiana Creek to Boreas" connector trail. Goofy Zorro deciding he wants to skijor
on top of the trail snow wall. Hey, as long as he is pulling, he can trot up there...
"I'm short and cannot see over the wall, so I'll trot up here!" says short Zorro.
More beautiful conditions along Boreas - laying fresh tracks for miles & miles...
Arriving (quickly & all smiles) at the Boreas
trailhead. The mile near the trailhead is always
heavily tracked, as above; but we had the first
7.8 miles all to ourselves!
Statistics for the day's outing: 8.8 miles with 1300 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 18 MPH.

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