Friday, April 26, 2013


"Yawn... Boring... Get up so we can go!" says silly, impatient Max.
"Yawn.... Boring.... Get up!" is Max's usual reaction to my infrequent spills.
"I see more trail, I see more trail!" expresses Zorro focused on the surroundings.
When I describe "skijoring with Siberian Huskies" to people, the first question I always get is, "Wow! Don't you fall a lot? How can you possibly attach yourself to sled dogs while on skis and not fall constantly?"

Luckily, the answer is, "No, through LOTS of practice (and strong legs), I rarely fall - probably only a dozen or so times all season." But, it does happen every once in a while, typically on icy terrain where I become a frictionless afterthought to my Siberian pals and they say, "Hey, I don't feel any weight back there - time to try for 30 MPH!"

The photo above pretty much summarizes Max & Zorro's opinion of the infrequent fall, "Boring! What does it take to get some exercise around here?!?"

We only had time for a short Sunrise Sprint today. A very fast 5 miles, with 450 feet of elevation climbed, on conditions a little too icy for my liking - leading to very fast uphills and somewhat out of control downhills...

Cresting at Sally Barber Mine at the same time the morning sun is peaking over the
neighboring mountain.
Trotting into the sunrise as we head down from Sally Barber Mine to connect onto
the French Gulch trails.
You try asking, "Hey guys, can we slow down a bit on the icy trails?"
"Huh? Was that the frictionless afterthought saying something?"
"Na, we didn't hear anything - faster, faster!"
A short & fast 5 miles - but any miles are better than no miles say Max & Zorro (especially when the human remains upright).

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