Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow Tease

Mother Nature has been teasing us since last night... It keeps looking like "serious snow", it keeps starting to snow, it occasionally starts snowing hard and it keeps stopping way too fast!

Here is how we were teased on the skijor outing today:

A fresh 2 inches on the trail as we started. The skies were cloudy, the occasional snowflake
was falling - it looked to promising to really start snowing...
No, that is not snow on Zorro's back - that is a huge snowflake right in front of the camera.
The white speckles in the rest of the photo are more snowflakes. We were ready
(and hoping) to skijor in a real snowstorm.
Cresting over our high point at Sally Barber Mine. There are still lots of snowflakes
(white speckles) falling all around us. But, what is that big yellow orb starting to break
through at the top of the photo. Come on snow, keep the sun at bay...
The big yellow orb is diminished; but so are the snowflakes.
Maybe if we go fast enough it will snow again :)
Ah - shadows!!! No! We need more snow!
Maybe if we go even faster we can outrun the sun and find the falling snow? It is
worth a try...
"Hi! We sure are having fun; but what happened to the snowflakes?" ask happy Max & Zorro.
Every snowstorm in April (or May) could be the last of the season... Why can't Mother Nature dump a foot on us instead of the current on-again/off-again tease?

A short day on the trails in search of new snow: 6.4 miles with 850 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 20 MPH.

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