Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scootering: Let the Training Begin

Well, it is September in the Colorado high country - time to begin serious training for the upcoming skijoring season.

Our summer training has consisted of 8-14 mile hikes & runs 1-2 times a week. We do the hikes "in harness" and "in tow". People tend to refer to our activity as canicrossing - we refer to it as "what else can you do in summer when you need to pull and run!"  ;-)

But, September is here and the temperatures are cooling. Time to break out the diggler and start some serious Siberian Husky activity. What is the diggler - a 2 wheeled skateboard cross mountain bike that you attach to the huskies via a gangline. It is just like skijoring or sledding to them (except there's no snow to keep them cool).

Training run #1: 10 miles from Breckenridge to Frisco in just under 1.5 hours. That is a 7 MPH trot that brought smiles to everyone's faces. Why did we stop, well it is still hot...

Bring on the snow, the training has begun.