Friday, July 20, 2012


"Yum, Fresh Bird Food!" Zorro, 07/20/2012...
Taking a quick break in the shade at an old abandoned cabin high up on Baldy Mountain.
Jogging along the trail to True Romance Mine, having a great time... "What's that off in the bushes? Hey, a baby bird!!!" exclaims Zorro. Dive off the trail, land in a bush, and pull out a yummy baby bird - performs Zorro.

"Whoa, get that out of his mouth - I want half!" declares Max. "What??? Wait! No, why are you kicking the carcass off the trail - that's fresh food!" gasps Max.

Total Damage Done: Zorro pulled a baby bird out of a bush along the trail. I believe it was a Quail, but hard to tell by the time I got to view it. As I pulled it by the tail out of his mouth and onto the ground, it was missing its head and one wing (and Zorro was happily swallowing those parts). To Max's dismay, I then kicked the remaining carcass off the trail before we started off running again.

Today's Trail Running Route: (1) Start at Carter Park in Breckenridge; (2) Jog up to Sally Barber Mine; (3) Hang a right and jog up to the True Romance Mine (eating 1/2 a bird along the way); (4) Hang another right and jog up to an unnamed mine high up on the north face of Baldy Mountain; (5) Connect onto the main Baldy Mtn trail and run down to the Baldy Road Trailhead.

The "True Romance Mine" marker. In the winter all traces of the mine are covered
by snow and this marker is all that is visible.
Dipping our heads into one of the old mine shafts at True Romance Mine. What are
we mining for, you ask? Gold? Silver? No... Furry Creatures! Now that would be
a Siberian Treasure!
The last, unnamed mine on today's route. It was a steep jog up 1700 feet to get
to this high point.