Sunday, July 30, 2023

K94K Three-peat

 Yesterday, Jack & Rudy lifted me to our third straight 1st place finish at the annual LAPS K94K run in Frisco!!!

Come along for some impressive photos of the incredible sled dogs catapulting me along!

Start of the race (the white banner behind us was the starting line).
Off we gooooooo!

As has always been the case at the annual 4K run, the monster sled dogs literally lifted me off the ground to launch us out of the starting gate to be well ahead of the rest of the pack within the first 20-30 yards of the event! Look closely at the prior photo and you see one other runner just behind us to my right and the rest of the pack already far behind me. This started with Max & Zorro years ago and has continued with Jack & Rudy - we are always FAR in front of the pack after merely 30 yards and well in front by the first corner on the race route. The sled dogs LOVE launching out the gate amidst gasps, cheers and stunned amazement from the onlooking crowd :)

For added entertainment, we had two camera crews to get shots of us this year. We had Nancy on one side of the street to get shots from the "Jack side" of the team:

Powerful sled dogs, airborne human!

Then we had our friend Renee to get shots from the "Rudy side" of the team:

Rudy side - same results: powerful sled dogs, airborne human!

Jack & Rudy so LOVE this event. I can feel their pure joy as they launch, lift and catapult me along the race route:

"How fast can we propel this human on feet?" says the monster kids going
full throttle to propel me beyond speeds I thought possible on feet :)

In winter, all of our skijoring teams (Max & Zorro, Zorro & Jack, Zorro & Jack & Rudy, Jack & Rudy) have been famous for their "hover husky" photos when they are airborne and virtually hovering over the trail as they propel me on skis at speeds 20-27 MPH. Well, I am proud to state that I am a "hover human" - notice both my feet are well off the ground in every photo above. While I do believe my feet did touch the ground occasionally, it is true that, while airborne, I could feel Jack & Rudy carrying me through the air and propelling me to strides not possible by myself! It continued all race long :)

Look at me - hovering and being carried to strides longer than
humanly possible without assistance!
Impressive Jack & Rudy - Go Dogs Go!!!!!

Finally, for the third straight year (2021, 2022, 2023) we crossed the finish line in first place with smiles on all our faces :)

At the finish line - K94K three-peat!

Well, there's our excitement for the summer. We like to joke that once the K94K happens, we are done with hot, boring summer and READY for SNOW! While we still have all of August to go, we have occasionally been lucky enough to start the skijoring season in September and always in October otherwise. So, stay tuned for the upcoming 2023/2024 Skijoring Season and, as always, ....

PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!