Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breckenridge to Keystone

We had a surprise dusting of snow last night. 

Nothing to be "skijoring excited" about, but a nice dip in temperatures for us to make a fast and fun 11 mile hikejoring outing this morning. Our route took us on an off-road jog from Breckenridge to Keystone.

The Route: Start at the Muggins Gulch Rd/Tiger Rd intersection in Breckenridge; jog up Muggins Gulch until connecting with the Colorado Trail; cruise up the Colorado Trail until connecting with the Keystone Aqueduct Trail; jog down into Keystone and then cut over to the Keystone Gulch Trail; jog up the single track portion of Keystone Gulch for about 1.5 miles and then cut over to Keystone Gulch Road and sprint down to the Keystone Gulch trailhead. 11 miles of fun ascending up 1050 feet and down 1400 feet.

Jogging up the Colorado Trail. A dusting of snow to the sides of the trail, but
only mud on the actual trail. Still nice to dip your Siberian Head off the trail
now and then to get a mouthful of snow!
Cruising along on the way to Keystone.
A "little" water crossing on the trail with a nice layer of ice in the center.
I hugged the right lip of the big puddle to cross, barely sinking to my ankles.
Zorro, the water hater, took a wide right to avoid the puddle.
Max, the water lover, went RIGHT THRU the center of the puddle and
proceeded to play with the ice chunks he broke in the middle!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Extremes

Talk about "two EXTREMES"...

May 11, 2011May 11, 2012
Skijoring May 11, 2011 - covered in snow!
One of the 5 snowiest seasons in
Breckenridge history!
Dirt, dirt, dirt in May 11, 2012 - NO snow!
One of the 5 least snowiest seasons in
Breckenridge history...
Wow, what a difference a year can make...