Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wildlife Fun

"Bear Prints, Deer Legs & Squirrels - Oh My!" - Max 08/14/2012

We had a wonderful "8 mile wildlife hike" this past Tuesday. We could describe it, but the pictures say it all...

We encountered a track of Bear Prints first on our hike. Both Max & Zorro paused to sniff the
print and left their prints behind it for reference. I put my size 10.5 foot in the shot for more
size reference.
Next gem we encountered: a Deer Leg with some leftover meat & cartilage on one end!
"Yum, Yum - Raw Deer!" says Max
"Done gnawing off the last of the meat & cartilage. Time to roll around in my prey!"
demonstrates Max.
"Hey - Fresh Squirrels this way - let's go!!!" proclaim Max & Zorro
What a day: Bear Prints, Deer Legs & Squirrels - Oh My!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

K94K Race

"Come on human, faster - follow us!!!" Max & Zorro 08/04/2012
"Exit Stage Right - there's an opening to the front of the pack this way!"
demonstrates focused little Zorro!
Saturday was the annual "LAPS K94K" in Frisco - a fun 4K race where you can enter with your pups. In past races, our typical race has gone as follows: (1) shoot out of the gates at the starting line and be in 1st or 2nd place by the first turn; (2) push the human as hard as we can for the first 2/3 of the race; (3) lose all confidence in that slow human as we drop into the lower "top 10" during the last 1/3 of the race. But, this year.....

"We've been training the human hard on the trails this summer. We are sick of him holding us back, he's an embarrassment to the Siberian Establishment!" declared Max & Zorro back in June. We have been logging some serious miles on the trails since May. The result: We placed 4th overall in this year's K94K! "Woo Hoo - that's a step in the right direction - but he's still too SLOW!" say the Siberian partners.

I never imagined we could place as high as 4th in this race. What wonderful coaches and training partners Max & Zorro make! Some fun photos and videos of the race below:

A fun/short video clip of the start. As usual, Max & Zorro are on a tear and
we are in 2nd place within no time!

Before the race started - let's get this show on the road!
At the starting line. You have to love the focused little Siberians. Zorro is
down but lined up in a straight line to shoot out of the gates once given the
ok. Max is sitting and staring right at the "starter" waiting for the slightest
indication that it is time to GO!
Love these two classic "Siberians in Unison" clips from the start video


and Go!

Race Over... Human tired, Siberians wondering if we are going to get some
exercise today!