Monday, June 6, 2011

Introducing Rollerjoring...

What's a skijoring team to do in the summer? Take the season off - no, that is no fun. How about rollerjoring!!! Great idea.

I got a pair of Jenex NordiXC 125RC Roller Skis and Max, Zorro & I are ready to continue our "joring" fun through the summer!
Cruising around a large parking lot - practice for the human
(the huskies "got it" right away)
The only problem with our rollerjoring plans - getting the human "up to speed". In skijoring, you have 2 great safety nets: (1) snowplow to get under control if terrain gets rough; (2) throw yourself in a nice, soft snowdrift as the last resort emergency stop. In rollerjoring: (1) no snowplowing, just forward momentum and voice control... and (2) no snowdrifts, just asphalt and rocks!

Needless to say, the human has a steep learning curve before we can go very fast at rollerjoring. Nonetheless, we had a splendid 90 minutes of rollerjoring exercise today. I set the "speed reducers" on my rollerskis to "maximum speed reduction" - this helped keep speeds under control but also meant the Siberian engine had to work to keep me moving. Excercise for all of us - fun for all of us!
Cruising along one of the less traveled side streets in Breckenridge.
All is going great! The huskies are trucking!
More cruising on the side streets.
Max taking a drink from my Camelbak. Both he and Zorro know how to
drink from the Camelbak nozzle - smart boys!
Zorro's turn to get a glug of water from the Camelbak too.

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