Saturday, August 3, 2019

Canine 4K

Today was the annual LAPS Canine 4K in Frisco, CO.
Jack and Rudy got to run their first summer race with me - wheeee!
About 10-20 yards from the start and look who is already in 1st place - the sled dogs!!!
Ok, so it's not skijoring; but what else are we going to talk about in the summer :)

We took the last few years off from running the Canine 4K as Max & Zorro were getting older (they'd rather rest in the summer and save themselves for snow :)  But, with 2 and 1 year old Jack and Rudy, we need to put their bodies (and minds) to work all summer too!

I was not sure how the two youngsters would do with all the dogs surrounding them at the start; would they want to sniff & play or listen to me and run? Max & Zorro always took off like rockets at this event and we were ALWAYS in first place within the first 10-20 yards of the race. Well, look at the photo above and look at perfect Jack & Rudy - within 20 yards and we are sprinting along already well in front of the rest of the participants! Go boys go!!!

A few steps further and a little closer look at the sprinters (them, no me! :)
"Hi Mom!!!!" says Jack flashing a smile to Nancy & Zorro taking this shot.
"Going, going, GOING!" says all-business Rudy.
A few more steps and nice side shot of beautiful running Rudy. As Rudy is bigger than Jack, all you can get from this angle is Jack's tail tip as he is eclipsed by big Rudy :)
Beautiful form Rudy!
Cute white tail tip Jack :)
Just as was always the case with Max & Zorro, we were far in front of the crowd by the first turn.
"We are going to WIN!!! Come on human!!!" say the sprinting pair.
But, as was always the case with Max & Zorro, the big slow human could not maintain this fast pace for the whole 4K. There are always some "real runners" in the field who always catch and overtake us as the reality of my slowness settles in...

Finally, as is always the case - here we come to the finish with Jack & Rudy still looking at fit & fast as at the start!
"Over already? We could go another round!' state the endless pair cruising to the finish line.

So, how did we fare? Well, the better question is "how did I fare" as Jack & Rudy could have easily won the race. The slow human was second in his age group and 8th overall.

Sorry guys, these old legs cannot go any faster :)

Well, that's our summer fun. Ok, ready for snow. Bring it on - Pray for Snow!