Monday, December 5, 2011

Tebowing while Skijoring

Tebowing while Skijoring
(or Teboworing)

Clips of Tebowing while Skijoring as we approach the French Gulch winter
trailhead. Action video of Tebowing while Skijoring below:

Today's skijoring outing was an action packed outing of a whole array of activities.

1) Tebowing while Skijoring on the return approach to the French Gulch trailhead (see clips & video above). For those not in the know... Tebowing (vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

2) Another day of breaking trail in 20+ inches of powder (see images below). Similar to yesterday's extreme outing: when we got to the back meadows of French Gulch, we were breaking trail in 12-20+ inches of untouched powder for about 2 miles of skijoring! Lots of Siberian powder power in the 12-18 inch areas and lots of Siberian "bunny hopping" (or "dolphin cresting") in the 20+ areas.

3) Hilarious Max doing a "snow angel" to cool off after skijoring up the gulch at a "siberian comfortable" 3-5 degrees outside!

The Route: Start at the French Gulch winter trailhead and skijor up French Gulch (packed powder to 4 inches of powder for the first 2 miles); continue up the gulch and slowly transition into 12+ inches of untouched powder as we got into the last of the open meadows in the gulch; increase to 20+ and perform the Siberian dolphin cresting to continue to tow me around the last open meadow; take a break and return the same route.

Vital Stats: 7.1 miles; 80m total time; 60m skijoring time (20m of break and tebowing time); 21 MPH top speed; 800 feet of elevation gain up the gulch. Keep in mind we where breaking trail in 12-20 inches for about 2 miles of the outing - factor that into the time and we were really flying in the packed to 4 inch powder sections!

Powering through the deep meadow of untouched powder. Look closely
at Zorro - he is "airborne" in this shot. The snow is deep enough that he
needs to be doing bunny hopping/dolphin cresting actions to propel forward.
Taller Max is not yet into cresting depth...
More breaking trail in about 12 inches of untouched powder.
"It's 3 degrees, I've just been plowing through 12-20 inches of powder, need
to roll around in the snow to cool off,
" exclaims Max. We are stopped under
the protection of a set of trees to take a break before heading back down.
A look back at the deep open meadow we powered through.


  1. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Play bows and luv,
    Zim and Dave
    PS: Go Max! Go Zorro! Go Tebow!!!!

  2. Thanks, boys, I thought you would really appreciate it!

    Max and Zorro