Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Season Opener

 Starting the 2020/2021 Skijoring Season on September 9th!!!! Woo Hoo!

Flying across Carter Park early in the morning of September 9th!

We have had 3 skijor outings in September in past seasons (2013 and 2 in 2016), but all of those were in the September 20s. But, here we are this morning with our first ever skijor in the single digits of Sept to start our 2020/2021 season! We had 3-4 inches of new snow overnight with very cold temps to start the morning. So, we rushed over to Carter Park for a quick little skijor to start the season. We went to the park since it is relatively flat and "snow on grass" is easy to glide across. There was not enough snow to be on any real trail; but enough to do a few laps in the park!

We did one lap with 12 year old Zorro. We know he is not going to do much, if any, skijoring this season as he is slowing down with age. But we were thrilled he came along for one quick lap around the park!

All smiles as we complete our first lap with elder Zorro.

After one lap with Zorro, the kids (Jack & Rudy) and I did two more laps around the park. At 3 years old (Jack) and 2.5 years old (Rudy), I expect this to be a monster skijor year with them. Wheeee!

Flying behind the mature youngsters.

In case you were wondering about the kids.... Well, they are still the kids. Jack continued his streak of rolling at least one snow angel on EVERY skijor of his life! Rudy did not roll snow angels his first few outings of his career; but once he started, he's joined Jack with at least one snow roll every skijor since. What goofs :)

"Oh children! Will they ever grow up?" asks onlooking Zorro.
"Rub a dub dub, wheeee!" demonstrate the snow rolling goofs.

It may have been a short outing doing laps around the park; but all skijors of any length deserve end of run pork treats!

"We remember 'end of run treats' - serve them up!" says the focused trio.

Another fun fact about this morning. This was Zorro's 144th straight month with 'toes on snow'. He first touched snow in October 2008 and has had his toes on snow at least once a month for 12 straight years since. Impressive!

Short & fun laps in Carter Park for our earliest start to a skijor season: 0.15 miles for Zorro and 0.5 miles for Jack & Rudy.

Bring it On!
Pray for Snow!