Saturday, August 1, 2015

Annual K94K

This morning was the "LAPS Canine 4K" run in Frisco, CO. This is an annual event where you get to run a 4K with your canine partners. A great time had by all....
"Go!" and we are off. Here we are at the beginning of the race starting off in a close second
to the guy who won the overall race.

The race progressed exactly the same as it does every year... We shoot out of the gate and are in first or second place by the first corner. Max & Zorro are so ready to GOOOO and we hear gasps from the crowd as they see the two huskies launching their human along. Then, as we get about 1/3 of the way into the race, the "slow human" factor comes into play and we get passed by some real runners. It is always funny to watch these runners pass us with their dogs in tow (either at their side or behind them) whereas Max & Zorro are taut leash in front of me the whole race!

We always finish in the top 10; but never first overall as I am just too slow (ask Max & Zorro)!
Hauling the slow human across the finish line as we finish about 6th overall for this year's race.

My excuse? Hey, I'm old! We did get first place in my age group (40-49)...
Zorro sporting our ribbon for first in my age group.
"We would have won overall if he wasn't so slow!" declares Zorro.

A little cool down after running the race and it was time for Max to go to work. He is a registered Therapy Dog and he helps recruit new therapy dogs at the Summit Therapy Animals table at the event. He is quite the draw as people have just witnessed this "monster husky" launch me through the air for 4K and then he is a model therapy dog 30-45 minutes later!
"I run fast, I work hard, I love life!" declares sweet Max.

We always say that once the K9-4K race is over that we are done with our commitments for summer. Ok, ready for snow ... bring it on!!!

Pray for Snow.