Thursday, February 8, 2024

Fresh to First

Another great "shot from the front" of the happy kids towing me to the finish of today's skijor!

"Whee! We are having a blast!" declares the happy sled dogs living
the dream :)

We had a few inches of fresh snow overnight, so we decided to start this morning's skijor in the backcountry in hopes of being first out to lay fresh tracks in the new snow. Well, success!!!!

The fun kids laying fresh tracks in a few inches of fresh snow.

Today's video highlight goes along with the prior photo. Come along and watch as we are gracefully gliding through the morning's new snow in the backcountry at Dry Gulch. If your volume is on high enough you'll hear me call out "Forward" near the end of the clip (as we have a choice to continue forward or turn left) and then you'll hear Rudy respond, "Ruff, ruff" as in "Yes, I agree" as we continue forward. Funny kid.

[watch on youtube if no video loads below]

Then, as we love to do, after a fresh tracks tour in the backcountry it was time to drop onto the wide trails at Gold Run Nordic Center. Our timing at Gold Run has been impeccable lately as we once again found an untouched groomed trail to zoom along laying first tracks!!!

Jack the cannonball next to Rudy the missile as we are first tracks
on the morning's fresh groom! Wheeee!

We were having so much fun (and going so fast) that we redid the upper Preston Loop twice. Lap one we were first tracks on the fresh groom and lap two we were second tracks to ourselves! I paused at the top of the loop on the first pass to see if we had time to do the second lap and, well, I paused...

"You pause, we Stop, Drop & Roll!" goes the silly snow rolling kids.

After two incredible passes on the upper Preston Loop, it was time to take the main trail back to the parking lot. While a few had been on this main trail before us, there was still plenty of untouched corduroy for us enjoy to ourselves:

Some existing tracks to our left but fresh, untouched corduroy along the
lane we are flying in :)

Finally, a cute "end of run" treats shot as Rudy wants everyone out there to know how much fun he had today:

"Ready for the treats!" says focused Jack.
"CHEESE! Hi everybody, I had a blast today!" says Rudy hamming it
up for the camera!

Fresh tracks in the backcountry to first tracks on the nordic center - what a fun day: 8.2 miles traveled with 700 feet of elevation climbed and a top speed of 23 MPH.

2023/2024 Season to Date: 79 days on the trails covering 659.9 miles with 63,300 feet of elevation climbed.


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